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5 Reasons I'm Returning To The Handmade Culture

Handmade Tomato Salsa and pickles, canned and ready for the winter months
Handmade Tomato Salsa and pickles, canned and ready for the winter months

In a day and age where my apartment is encircled with fast food restaurants, technology fills each room of the house, clean clothes are a pod and wash cycle away, it seems like it would be the perfect life.

But its not. At least, not for me. I found myself feeling hopeless, lost, sad, depressed, unsure of my future. I would swing from soaking myself into mobile games, to desparately wishing to get away from it. I'm a mom. My son deserves to have me fully present in life. I want to teach him how to live, and how to live fully. I want him to know how to take care of himself. Not just that, but I have to learn how to take care of myself too... in a sustainable way. Here are my 5 reasons to get back to home-making and the handmade culture.

  1. For The Health and Longevity Of My Family There's no doubt about it, our food intake is probably the biggest influence in our health and wellness. I mean, I don't know about you, but my family is eating ALL of the time. Every time I turn around, my son and my fiance are asking for snacks, meals, and treats. So with that being something that we are always fueling our energy with, I want to make the most of it. I want to garden my own fresh veggies and herbs, and support local farms to get non-GMO eggs, raw milk, butter, cheese... whatever I can find that has LESS processing. My mission is to keep my family healthy, because a healthy family is vibrant & happy.

2. Being More Financially Beneficial To Our Lifestyle

Let's just be honest, since 2020, prices for almost everything has shot through the roof. Who wants to pay $70-$100 on a meal out anymore? And who wants to spend $400+ on processed foods that just leave you nutrient deprived. While getting started into the sustainable life can be costly at first, with having to buy cans and planters, and ingredients, etc; once you get established, its pennys to the dollar to keep up with it.

3. To Gain Knowledge In How Things Work

Learning how to make meals from scratch, garden, harvest, propagate, sew, can, fish, etc is absolutely life changing. Especially serves well if you're ever in a pinch. Having the know how can effectively put you on a much wiser path and benefit you in several areas of your life. That is also why I want to do it, so that I have the knowledge, and also so I can pass it down. The more you know, the less others can control you by access to goods and services!

4. To Fill My Time With Productive Fun

I get a little happy when I can play in dirt. In fact, getting your hands in dirt is proven to produce happy hormones!! But who doesn't love the feeling of the reward you get from putting in so much effort and watching the family enjoy what you create. Even through failure, I love to experiment! I feel so much more alive when I can play in nature and get back to my roots. Even if I'm not actively doing something thats producing for my family, even taking a hike or wading in a creek is so rewarding to my mind.

5. To Live The Life I Believe We Are Intended To Live

I believe man should live in unity with its surroundings. I believe while earth supplies us with all we need for our wellbeing, we are also to care for her. I know we all complain about the things that we don't like going on around us. Many times I watch people complain about greedy companies, egotistical power hungry leaders, evil intentions, destruction of the earth...and so on. And yes, I'm all for raising awareness, but I fully intend to put my focus onto building a world I believe we can thrive in.

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